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Osteopath? You just do backs don’t you?

I spend half of my working week working with 2 NHS GP Surgeries. I hear this question regularly, not only from patients, but often from GPs, Nurses and even Physiotherapists!

The best thing about being an Osteopath is that we treat “The Person” first and foremost-you are never just a “Condition”. The pain you are feeling in your neck and shoulders may have it’s root in a foot or knee injury, so our primary task is to remove the obstacles to your recovery.

  1. Back Pain-by far the biggest drain on the workforce in terms of days lost and poor productivity. It often doesn’t seem to have a cause and builds over a long period until you have to stop and get it sorted out.
  2. Neck Pain. – Experienced by all ages from children to OAPs. Often work related, or task/hobby related. Often caused by poor posture and too many hours hunched over a phone or laptop. Our task is to relieve the pain and educate our patients about the likely cause and advise how simple steps can help reoccurrence.
  3. Shoulder pain-The shoulder is a complicated joint which relies on multiple muscles to fulfil it’s tasks. As the body is good at adapting to problems we often see people(especially men) who have ignored the problem for a long time before having to ask for help.
  4. Headaches, stress and tension-often connected to other physical issues, or often many external factors.
  5. All the other pains in limbs and joints.