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Dog Walking

I’m sure that dog walking wouldn’t be top of your list as the likely cause of injuries, however it is a regular culprit for falls and muscle strains. It generally leads to physical and often social benefits.

Common dog walking injuries that I regularly see as an Osteopath are foot problems, generally caused by poor footwear or tripping on uneven paving or tree roots. Arm and shoulder injuries can be caused by dogs pulling on the lead, especially if you haven’t noticed the squirrel/rabbit nearby, or from repeatedly throwing sticks or balls. Finally back, rib or leg pains caused generally by falls.

So, take the time to put some sturdy shoes on-rather than walking in your slippers, and be aware of your surroundings and what would attract the attention of your dog-whatever it’s size! Finally, maybe invest in a ball-throwing device to ease the strain on shoulders.

Whatever, your problem-I can help!