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Cranial Osteopathy

What is Cranial Osteopathy?

The term Cranial Osteopathy is not a different type of Osteopathy, it is a different, more gentle approach to the same problems. It is used to treat all areas of the body, not just the head.

Anyone who refers to themselves as a ‘Cranial Osteopath’ will have trained and qualified as a normal Osteopath and then chosen to further detailed postgraduate study in this gentle and often profoundly relaxing type of treatment.

This makes it very suitable for infants, children and those who may be unable or reluctant to tolerate stronger treatments such as deep tissue massage or manipulation.

It is particularly effective in treating patients who may be suffering from stress or emotional issues, which may be contributing to, or exacerbation their physical issues.

I have regular patients who come in for a cranial treatment, in the absence of physical pain or injury, as they find it profoundly relaxing and it helps release the stresses of work or family life.

Watching cranial treatment can be compared to watching someone reading a book. From the outside nothing appears to be happening but, if you are the one reading the book, you are transported into a rich world of structure, colour, depth and emotion. As you continue to read the story unfolds, and the body tells it’s story, often revealing the story of long-forgotten accidents or traumas (thanks to the Sutherland Cranial College for this great analogy).

The beauty of Osteopathy is that we primarily treat the person, not the condition. The body has a memory for trauma and an amazing ability to compensate for injury and move on. So current issues may have their origin in accidents or injuries suffered many years ago, which were not properly treated at that time for whatever reason. During our examination we are often drawn to different parts of the body than the area causing current pain and in releasing tensions here we can bring balance back to the body and resolve the new problem.

Personally, having been treated by many Osteopaths over the last 30+ years in a very traditional ‘Structural’ manner, my first Cranial treatment was a real revelation and has become my preferred treatment option. Also, as a Practitioner, the privilege of being able to treat infants effectively use this style of treatment is always the highlight of my working week!